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Clean condo living room with glass sliding door to balcony

Apartment and Condo Cleaning

We offer ongoing, one-time, seasonal, and specialty cleaning services.

Serving Windsor and Essex County

Interior of condo after cleaning service

Apartment & Condo Cleaning

We offer ongoing, one-time, seasonal, and specialty cleaning services.

Serving Windsor and Essex County

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Please complete the following contact form and we will be in touch to discuss your next cleaning service!


Committed to Your Comfort

Your home is your personal space. Our staff is committed to not interfering with that privacy and listening to your every need.


Environmentally Conscious

Queen of Clean is dedicated to being a green company. We are always updating our environmentally friendly protocol.


Quality of Clean Guaranteed

We take pride in delivering exceptional cleaning services to our clients. You can trust us to keep your space clean, healthy, and inviting.

We have your home cleaning needs covered.

Green basket of cleaning supplies

Ongoing Cleaning

Green glove with kitchen sponge cleaning countertop

One-Time Cleaning

Beige basket with folded blankets on green couch

Seasonal Cleaning

Additional Information

Why should I hire a professional to clean my home?

Hiring a professional cleaner can save you time, reduce stress, improve indoor air quality, and provide a consistently clean environment. Overall, you get to spend your “me” time actually on… well… you!

What kind of training does the staff have to complete before they enter my home?

Our staff is well-versed in cleaning techniques and procedures, health and safety, customer service, and communication skills. It’s important that Queen of Clean provides ongoing training and support to all of our cleaning staff to ensure they are equipped to perform the job right the first time!

How much of my house can you clean in a single cleaning appointment?

The amount that can be cleaned in a single appointment depends on various factors such as the size of the space, the level of cleanliness, the number of rooms or areas to be cleaned, and the type of cleaning service being provided.

Should I do anything to prepare my home for the clean?

Nope! Queen of Clean is here to take the stress of cleaning off of your shoulders. The only preparation needed is direction on what needs to be cleaned.

What do I do if I am not satisfied with my cleaning service?

Please reach out to Queen of Clean following your cleaning appointment and we will make it right!